1729 46th Street Brooklyn, NY 11204
Store Hours: 11am - 5pm | Sun - Thu
Email: sales@steinmetztablecloths.com
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Steinmetz Tablecloths started approximately 30 years ago by Mrs. Gitta Steinmetz. Mrs. Steinmetz began selling tablecloths from a single drawer and has built the business up to where it is today. Steinmetz Tablecloths now has the largest tablecloth selection in the New York area.

Customers are constantly praising Mrs. Steinmetz's patience and her interest in their needs. Her knowledge and enthusiasm is endless in helping each and every customer.

Steinmetz Tablecloths is based on selling merchandise of unsurpassed quality at reasonable prices in a friendly atmosphere. It is no wonder people are streaming into Steinmetz Tablecloths from all over the world.

Our selection includes the most exclusive items from numerous countries including Switzerland, Brazil and Italy. EXTRA LARGE SIZES IN STOCK THAT ARE NOT AVAILABLE ELSEWHERE. Patterns exclusively ours. Custom orders our specialty.

As Steinmetz Tablecloths is in its third generation, we understand our customers' needs and continue to cater to their many requests.